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Al Kharusi United LLC,Camp / Building Maintenance work offers a spectrum of maintenence related services.

Our comprehensive range of services span the areas of Routine Preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance and Break-down maintenance.

Our stringent quality specific tests and checks ensure a fully funtional workflow solution to our clients.

Routine Preventive Maintenance

The routine maintenance services shall include, but not limited to the following:

All  checks inspections and tests necessary to ascertain and monitor the condition and operational  effectiveness of all equipment and installations in order to locate, identify and to initiate the necessary remedial action.

All necessary inspection, investigation, excavation, and testing to identify and diagnose any fault, defect, operational problem or user difficulty notified  to us by the client and to initiate the necessary remedial action.

All routine servicing of fittings, equipment and installation, in accordance with the manufacturer’s or designer’s recommendations where applicable,  including  the replacement  of  all degradable parts and the provision of all consumables such as lubricants, refrigerants, sealants, cleaning materials, chemicals additives, to minimize wear, dilapidation and breakdown.
Corrective Maintenance

Shall comprise of all adjustments, repairs, overhaul, parts replacement to correct any actual or potential fault, defect or wear and to ensure the full and efficient use or operation of all installations and equipment
Breakdown Maintenance

Shall comprise of the repair or replacement of the whole or part of any installation or equipment which has wholly or partly ceased to be usable or operational as a result of any fault, defect or wear irrespective of the effective execution of all necessary relevant routine preventive and corrective maintenance
Certification & Policies
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